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Mass General Hospital Nuclear Pharmacy
OwnersPartners Healthcare
ContactAllegra DePietro Address55 Fruit Street, WHT203
Phone617-726-6138 Boston MA 02114
Toll Free Fax617-724-8848
Website Emailabruce@partners.org
Mass General PET Nuclear Pharmacy
OwnersMassachusetts General Hospital
ContactDaniel Yokell Address55 Fruit Street, MEDRBA012
Phone617-724-1347 Boston MA 02114
Toll Free Fax617-724-1417
Website Emaildyokell@partners.org
Mid America Isotopes, Inc
OwnersScott Brower, Bill McHugh
ContactBill McHugh Address706 E Liberty Lane
Phone573-657-1776 Ashland MO 65010
Toll Free Fax573-657-1778
Websitewww.midamericaisotopes.com Emailwmchugh@midamericaisotopes.com or sbrower@midamericaisotopes.com
Music City Nuclear Pharmacy
OwnersAl Townsend
ContactAl Townsend Address220 Great Circle Road, Ste 132
Phone(615) 742-3395 Nashville TN 37228
Toll Free Fax(615) 742-3396
Website EmailMCNP@comcast.net


**Press Release** UPPI Marks Its 20th Anniversary

UPPI Press Release

**Press Release**Industry Sees Strong Path Forward on Converting to non-Highly Enriched Uranium-based sources for Medical Imaging

Published in September 2017, this paper covers a wide range of topics related to radiopharmaceuticals and provides valuable information to all stakeholders.

**PRESS RELEASE AUG 28, 2017**

UPPI LLC Presents at the Nuclear Energy Agency's 4th Meeting of the 4th Mandate of the High-level Group on the Security of the Medical Radioisotope Supply


UPPI LEU Walk Progress Update April 5, 2017

2019 UPPI Annual Meeting
New Orleans       Sept 25 - 27

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